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Turnkey Sugar Plant Manufacturers

Mill House Equipments

Mill House System: With the help of latest technologies we provide all type of machines and handling equipments required in sugarcane mills. we manufacture all type of heavy duty mill house equipment like Cane chopper, Rake carriers, elevators, motors drives, gears and all. According to the size and capacity we designed to incoroprate conventional mill gearing to manage speed of motor, shaft mounted for motion and speed.

We understand the requirements and survay the area and served the cost effective customized solution exactly to meet client requirement.

Mill House Equipments Range.
  • Cane Chopper
  • Swing Type Cane fibrizor
  • Rake Carriers and Elevators
  • Mill with DC Drives
  • Rotary Juice Screen
  • Mill House Cranes

Cane Chopper

We offer all type of Cane Chopper For Sugar Mill, made by supreme quality raw material. These can be made available in variable speed adjustment options as per the operator’s convenience. Previously cane kicker or cutter were used for cutting but to eliminate the drawbacks of kicker and cutter cane chpper has introduced and running and performing very good in sugar mills.
  • Work as feed metering device
  • Excess cane cuts and throw back
  • Chokeless hood of unique design
  • Easy to operate and safe.
  • Cane Fibrizor

    Our cane fibrizor is very easy to install on existing carrier, these are desgined to achive PI of 85 and above. we are fabricating a wide range of fiberizer. These are manufactured using qualitative raw material to ensure high quality and provide optimum performance to the end users. Hubs are specially designed for balancing the rotor and provide maximum grating arc. These are very safe.

    Rake Carrier / Rake Elevators

    Ashoka provides all type of elevators for different industries, based on the inspection of plant we made durable and efficient rake carriers and elevators for sugar plants, short space rake carriers useful for curshed can from different level mills, these elevators make instant feeding on different sugar mills.

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